Scientists have discovered the Internet black holes

Researchers from the University of Washington have found in the Internet space, where data packets may simply disappear, writes TG Daily. They called such points black holes, caused them on the map and say that users connect to the network does not have access to all the resources of the Internet.
For black holes are not failures of servers, because then you can not connect to sites from anywhere in the network. Scientists have developed a system of "Hubble", designed to identify resources that can be accessed from a single point of the Internet, but not from the other.

The system of "Hubble" started its work on 17 September 2007 and to date has found nearly 900 thousand black holes and points users access to which is difficult. Thus, about seven percent of surveyed resources at least once turned into a black hole.

According to the map, most black holes located on the east coast of the United States and in Western Europe. Networking black holes disappear quickly. Their life is rarely more than 16 hours.


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