Segway? Japanese - Winglet

It seems the Japanese are again ahead of the rest. At this time in an attempt to proclaim the first win over enough popular platform of new vehicles Segway, and then - to blow on the distribution across the planet its new personal vehicles Winglet.

Individual displacement means Winglet have been developed by Toyota in collaboration with Sony, which just rolled their own robotic development. Scooter as well-known Segway, at walking speed (six km / h) can transport medium build people at a distance of ten kilometers.

The Japanese are hoping for a victory over the Segway, as the Winglet, although losing the speed and distance run, much easier competitor and operated by a single knob-like joystick. You press - rides, pull over - stop, and begin to turn the knob - and the scooter will begin to turn. A new era - new scooters ...


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