Political satire at the carnival (33 photos)

Yesterday was "mad Monday" - the culmination of the Cologne carnival with its traditional festive procession. 12,000 participants and more than one million viewers.
Every year takes place in almost the same scenario, but there is a constant "variables" - the theme of satirical compositions. Political satire on the carnival is divided into three levels: local (the mayor, city council, corruption), federal (the chancellor, other politicians) and international.
Angela Merkel, the first in this section in its entirety, but then still decided pririsovat patriotic bra. Fall in German elections. The Chancellor is preparing for "cosmetic" surgery. Problem areas are marked and displayed.
In recent years, the international character of the most popular was George W. Bush. Unfortunately, he left us. But Vladimir Vladimirovich, despite the change of position, was ...

Merkel: "I told you 1,000 times, that you did not do it!»


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