Life in 100 words

Cradle. Diaper. Crying.
Word. Step. Cold. Doctor.
Scurry. Toys. Brother.
Courtyard. Swing. Kindergarten.

School. Deuce. Troika. Five.
Ball. Step. Gypsum. Bed.
Fight. Blood. Broken nose.
Courtyard. Friends. Hangout. Force.

Institute. Spring. Bushes.
Summer. Session. Tails.
Beer. Vodka. Jean ice.
Coffee. Session. Diploma.

Romanticism. Love. Star.
Hands. Lips. A night without sleep.
Wedding. Mother-in-law. Test. Trap.
Quarrel. Club. Friends. Glass.

House. Jobs.
House. Family.
The sun. Summer.
Snow. Winter.

Son. Diaper. Cradle.
Stress. Mistress. Bed.
Business. Money. Plan. Abraham.
TV. Series.

Country house. Cherries. Squash.
Sedin. Migraine. Points.
Grandson. Diaper. Cradle.
Stress. Pressure. Bed.

Heart. Kidneys. Bones. Doctor.
Speech. Coffin. Farewell. Cry.


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