The first champions and winners of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

The main sensation was the victory in the women's biathlon sprint Anastasiya Kuzmina. Unfortunately for us, a native of Tyumen now play for Slovakia. But Russia still has earned the first medal of the 2010 Olympics - bronze in speed skating oval got Ivan Skobrev. And at the end of the day again distinguished representatives of Slovakia, yielding Canadian in the women's hockey tournament with indecent score 0:18

Anastasiya Kuzmina earned for Slovenia's first ever Olympic gold

Mistress biathlon sprint Svetlana Sleptsova finished the race in 13th place

Ivan Skobrev - Russia's first medalist Vancouver

Luger Albert Demchenko on the track killer

Russians were left without medals mogul. In the photo jump Darya Serova (15th place)


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