Classification of cash drawers, their advantages and price

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Business development in the field of trading involves monetary profit, which must be stored in the appropriate location. For the execution of such a mission was developed a special cash drawer, the price of which varies depending on functionality and manufacturer. He holds bills of any size. Detailed specifications and popular models are presented on the website
The presence of such devices is mandatory in retail outlets with high turnover and large flow of buyers. Installing and connecting it to the fiscal Registrar cashiers provide comfortable working conditions and make it possible to serve the customer. A cash register and a compartment for money always work in tandem.
The constituent elements of the storage:
  • body without screw design;
  • the castle of the three positional level that protects the contents from prying hands;
  • 6-pin connector;
  • interface type-P J – 11$
  • compartments for placement of cuts divided into segments in accordance with the size of banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 500, 1000 (basic).
Depending on the model and purpose in the use of a number of compartments for banknotes can be different, including additional cells for coins.
Also some models can be optionally equipped with a replaceable receptacles to expedite collection, partitions, allows you to adjust the number and size of cells and additional cells for storage of classified documentation.
The types of cash dangorayo, features and price of each of them
Compartments for the storage of banknotes of various equivalent distinguish 2 types:
  • Mechanical.
Operated by hand, such devices do not require connection to the box office, because open with the key in the keyhole.
  • Automatic.
Require mandatory connection to the cash register, as operated on request only coming from the fiscal register or Pos terminal. This equipment can be programmed and customized to fit any needs.
Equipment pricing depends on several factors affecting its formation:
  • material of the drawer;
  • additional functions;
  • the design parameters);
  • the ability to connect the printer to the entire system of electronic registration.
Cash drawer you can buy in the online shop or buy directly in the manufacturer.



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