Online slot machines: a system and algorithm

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For many people, the slot machine is now synonymous with "one-armed bandit in a cafe, in the market or in underground transition. The game is very simple: throw a coin and tempt fate. Within a relatively short period of time, the familiar "one-armed bandits" have undergone many changes, primarily because they have begun to replace modern technology. Despite the fact that brick and mortar gambling house has not lost its relevance, many fans of modern gambling prefer online space. Should I trust online slots? Read the article and find out.


Features of the device
Management of classic machine — Electromechanical. The only thing that was required of the player to pull the handle. The reels spun, then stopped thanks to a special system. The sensor analyzed the resulting combination of symbols-symbols. If they match, the player has received a prize. Subsequently, the reels were set in motion by an electric motor.
A feature of modern slot — e-filling. The processor built-in random number generator, therefore, to predict what combination will fall out, it is impossible.


RNG: can I trust them
RNG is protected by the MD5 algorithm, developed in the United States. Despite the fact that the new will not be called (the history of MD5 has tens of years) to crack it problematic. In addition, he is constantly improving. Thus, the algorithm is protected from fraud reliably. Thanks to the protective algorithm virtual gambling house can't influence the outcome of the game. And online casino, and turn not afraid of attempts to cheat visitors.


Currently, there are many varieties of slot machines that differ in theme, bonus features and storylines.
  • Slots for 3 or 5 reels. It operate 20-25 (or more) characters, which depend on the themes (pirate treasure, ancient Egypt, superheroes or good old-fashioned fruit-and-vegetable-themed).
  • Machines special symbols: Joker, scatter, wild and many others. They provide additional opportunities in the game and allow you to fight for a big win. Using loyal bonus system, the operator of Internet casino makes the site appealing to new visitors.


What determines the win
The specific size of the amount won depends on the bet level and the received symbol combination. Small bets not exceeding one dollar from frequent and small prizes available to many players. Machines with expensive spin less popular. They are for serious players that operate on exceptionally large amounts of money. The number of paylines ranging from five to several hundred. At the end of the game is the highlight of winning combinations. At the expense of the player are awarded with real money or bonuses.



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