Features-treatment conditioners

The climate is changeable and the environment is not very best in many regions of our country. In order to protect themselves from the adverse effects, many prefer to install air conditioning in the room.

He has proven successful when working with large, medium and small squares, in the offices of, offices, in homes. But much depends on the correct installation of air conditioners, the efficiency of the repair, details about the services can be viewed here.

How to deal with climate technologicially store must provide you with a description of the technical and operational characteristics and instructions in their native language.

Features of treatment of climatic equipment:
  • You must pay attention to the noise level. It depends on the mode, in particular, is night and day. But if you notice even the slightest changes, it is necessary to exclude the risk of breakage or contamination.
  • First checked the filter, it is in direct contact with the external environment. His task is to pass air but to hold microscopic particles of dust. Manufacturers recommend changing it about once every 3 months.
  • You need to check the freon, the cooling substance. When the leaking system is not working, plus, it could break in the future. Leaks should not be, but only if professional installation. The freon evaporates and naturally, but enough to fill it every 2 years. Signs of problems are considered a longer operating time of the device for cooling the air, low efficiency, formation of frost on the body.
  • Every 2 years is recommended to order the service inspection, even if no complaints. The fact that some damage was not immediately felt, but can lead to expensive recovery.

Tips specialistsalary definitely recommend to pay attention on the functioning of the air conditioners in the winter. Some users disable them, but so far do not all. Modern air conditioners can not only cool the air but to clean it, ionize, humidify or dry, warm up and so on. For correct operation in the winter time it is recommended to use additional devices.


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