Groundcover plants: the best solution for garden nooks

“Low-growing ground cover plants“ – a term that arose among the gardeners regarding the processing of difficult areas of the garden, such as slopes or shaded areas.

What is so special about these low-growing, hardy plants?

Every garden is bound to have "special" places that can bring the gardener to despair.



It can be:

  • rock garden,
  • shore of an artificial pond
  • slope
  • shaded places under hedges, bushes or trees.

"This place grows a plant!" — that's the most common complaint of gardeners asking for help.

In such cases, we recommend to plant groundcover.



This species is very undemanding in care, and habitats. These stunted plants are all the same, whether rain or Shine. They grow well in all weather conditions.

Groundcover plants have the ability to grow outwards rather than upwards. However, they quickly forms a dense green carpet. This compact cover protects the soil from the penetration of sunlight into the soil, inhibiting the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants.

Another important advantage is protection of the soil from drying out. If the land is in the open, it can lead to soil erosion. If the soil remains moist, the plant roots can easily obtain from the soil nutrients. Moreover, the roots of groundcover plants slightly loosen the topsoil and provide natural habitat for various insects, such as beneficial beetles.

First, many gardeners are sceptical about ground cover plants. "Aesthetically spectacular," this is their common opinion. However, it is not so. They are ideal for combining with other types of plants. If You dream of producing the impression of the plants in Your garden, with the help of various groundcover, you can create varied and beautiful "green pattern". And it may even be that unpopular place Your garden will Shine with a new brilliance and will delight You with each new season.

There are many types of these undemanding plants. Starting with roses and a mix of herbs, and to the stunted bushes and loaches. The most famous representatives:

  • the ivy,
  • BlackBerry,
  • spicy thyme, thyme,
  • creeping shrubby juniper.

Try to plant a groundcover instead of the usual wild grass! They give creative expression unattractive areas of Your site and will have a natural look. Moreover, groundcover plants do not need special care and not allowed to grow weeds.published


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