How much are solar panels

Solar energy has many advantages: reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing energy costs and increases the value of the home when selling. The cost of installing solar panels were once unreasonably high, but declining costs have made solar energy not only affordable but cost effective, helping for many years to save homeowners and businesses.

Homes and buildings that use graphic panels, typically rely on solar energy only during Sunny days. So they remain connected to the grid, using electricity from there, when solar energy is not available, for example, on cloudy days and at night.

Yes, we have to pay for the consumed energy of the network, but also the owner of the solar panels earn money produced excess power, which he sells. So if to produce as much energy as is used, for the total person goes to zero, that is, do not pay for electricity.

On average, the cost of purchase and installation of a large solar system is between 10 and 20 thousand dollars, however, these investments can reduce energy costs by 70% or even completely.

According to experts, most solar systems pay for itself in 5 — 7 years.

Temperature does not affect the efficiency of solar energy, however, considerably affected by the weather.

Solar panels are most effective in regions where the weather is often Sunny, as well as when they are located in a place where they almost never falls the shadow.

Determining how much solar energy can generate a house based primarily on the amount of sunlight that falls on the area where it is located, and how long light day.

These indicators differ considerably in different regions.

For example, in Seattle only three hours of daylight suitable for efficient electricity generation. In such Sunny areas like Arizona, it's seven o'clock.

Also, the payback period of PV systems affect local electricity rates. Therefore, the higher the cost of electricity, the faster you will pay off the installation of solar panels. In addition, in many countries and cities offered subsidies to the owners of Elistanzhi. Various types of favorable installments and crediting and manufacturers.

Since the initial cost of installation and purchase of solar systems are quite large, many homeowners prefer leasing. Thus, the company sets the bar in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. published

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