15 awesome huskies who were caught in the wrong time!

Husky is an amazing dog! They are not only loyal companions, but also sources of joy and positive for their owners. Though sometimes the consequences of their pranks are catastrophic! Look at these cuties, which the Website found specifically for the beloved reader!

Our husky has protected itself from our son. No front paws. No the back. Not to miss

Photo source: Boredpanda.some going to throw the ball and caught the moment when my husky thought I was lying

Husky trying to summon Satan

Our family went to a movie for three hours. Returning, we saw it. "I didn't even try to climb into bed! I'm a good boy!"

My Gemini. I don't think they know that they are not relatives

So my puppy husky was sleeping in the first day I took it home

My dog did an amazing face when I called her

And now kiss!

My husky was with me when I went into a public toilet. He looked at me a couple of seconds and ran

It was the only way to move my dog across the river. She's afraid of water!

Don't want to! I will not! What? Delicious? Come on!

I see it every evening when I return home

Just don't try to understand it!

In my thoughts every husky dreams of a Great Wedding Day

The party's over, guys!

via www.boredpanda.com/funny-husky-dog-posts/


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