Oh, molodezhzhzh)))

For this story, I promise her head. It happened with my kids !!! (In response to the accusation that the previous story about the bus, downloaded from internet). I have two children: a son of 14 years, daughter at the time this story was a little less than 3. They invited us as the birthday in a restaurant, well, we fed children were given valuable guidance, Sonya was put to bed, Max punished, that would be well-behaved, he promised that he will sit quietly in the living room TV set look and go to sleep.
Well, we left happy and Che did not notice that his son is very active as a bundle of us. It turns out he got somewhere tape with porn (age such hormones play), and we all agree, but what would the last one left. Well then, he sat down in the room, turned on the tape and fell into a stupor near a TV set.
Meanwhile, Sonya twirled in bed and realized that he could not sleep, she decided to call her brother, for play read, and so on. D. I must say that my son is conscious sister loves and willingly a long time with her busy, but this evening Max, judging Full-nothing I am seen or heard fascinated watching. Still would! Sonya, thawing to his brother a couple of times and seeing that he had not withdrawn decided to see what was the matter. Quietly coming into the living room, she saw his brother enthusiastically looking what that movie.
So that Max did not see her and drove off to sleep, she hid behind a chair and decided pomotret that fascinated him so. After sitting for a few minutes and obktivno assessing the situation, the child also crept noiselessly into the room where bagopoluchno asleep. Max, inspection of (presumably) the film after some time, callback, we reported that all in order and handed over the post also went to bed.
My husband and I returned late at night, catching idilicheski sleeping children and poumilyavshis little went to sleep. In the morning, breakfast in the kitchen as a family, we have to ask the children about the night out. Max briefly muttered that all was quiet, but Sonya was more verbose.
My question - "Daughter, what are you doing?" The child boldly issued: - Oh, Mom, I could not sleep lying lying, and then went into the room, and there Maksyusha movie watching (with these words the son looked up from his plate, with horror looked at his sister, and slowly became nalivatsya paint) but the movie was not interesting, I looked a little bit and went to bed.
 - And what kind of a movie, Max? - I joined the pope. Sonya, without giving his brother the possibility to insert the word stupidly blurted out, dad, movie, there is some sort of an aunt, uncle's always ate pussy. Curtain.


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