Prevention of environmental disasters

Not too far in 2007, the Department that protects the water resources of Los Angeles discovered in the Ivanhoe reservoir very high concentrations of the carcinogen bromate, which arose as a result of reactions of bromide and chloride with sunlight. This tank was created more than a hundred years ago, this is the way water is delivered to approximately 600 000 thousand consumers in Los Angeles. When was discovered the trouble, began the construction of a new reservoir in Griffith Park.

In addition, the water was simply vital, and to save the situation it was decided to undertake unexpected measures. The main goal was to prevent the sunlight into the water, and this has been used thousands of black not big balls. Previously discussed a proposal to cover the tank tight with canvas and other radical ways — but they were either too expensive, or too long. One of the scientists — biologists, whose name was Brian white suggested use as a covering "bird balls" made of polyethylene.

Such balls are used near the airports to ensure that birds were not going in the water bodies that are not far. One bowl only costs 40 cents, and has sufficient properties for repelling ultraviolet rays, thus the problem was solved. and the city saved from ecological disaster.

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