Stunning sculptures and paintings with the use of barbed wire

Angels and demons
British sculptor Derek Kinzett (Derek Kinzett) long and replaced the stone on the barbed wire. "High plasticity of the material allows to achieve the maximum "live" effect," – says the artist.


Wire weekdays

Frank plant b there (Frank Plant) twist and weld barbed and plain wire whole pictures which tell about life in all its diversity.
In the artist's collection there are domestic scenes, and a more provocative image of barbed wire.

One "stroke"
Another technique uses Gavin Worf (Gavin Worth) from Zimbabwe. If multiple strokes of the pencil, it "outlines" the contours with a single piece of thin wire. "A minimum of details and clear lines – is the surest method to achieve the maximum expression of volumetric images", – said Gavin.


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