The winning projects in the field of alternative energy

Two Estonian project in the field of alternative energy have become the participants of the second phase of the major financing programs of the European Commission NER300 in the course of which one billion euros will be distributed among 19 projects aimed at reducing the influence of human impact on the processes associated with climate change.

The first Estonian projects participating in the program, involves the construction in the city of raqqa factory for the production of biochar. All the production here will be based on the technology of slow pyrolysis, and the design calculations, the company will be absolutely harmless for the environment as the product.

The second participant from Estonia will be panoramoi for construction in the vicinity of the pärnu plant for processing waste wood-based industry, which the output is to produce high quality, environmentally friendly biofuels. Unlike plant in the city of raqqa there will be applied the technology of fast pyrolysis is also characterized by high efficiency and almost no negative impact on the environment.

It should be noted that according to the design characteristics of all 19 projects participating in the program, documentation for which is already stacked in filing cabinets organizers of the program, will annually produce the amount of energy from alternative sources, equal to eight terawatt-hours. To visualize this figure will bring the fact that this is the amount of energy consumed annually Malta and Cyprus combined.

The main objective of the NER300 programme is the development of innovative projects in the field of alternative energy, which would in the future become the basis of development of the industry and increased energy independence of the European Union on the import of fuels and energy from abroad. Notable is the fact that all of the projects that will be funded, must be not only developed but also implemented in practice. This will allow you to Polish technology during the industrial implementation, and to obtain real and not a planned effect.



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