By the house of my wife's mother I go.
 As spring cherry bloom in my mind a joke.
 One of them I pop out the window.
 The other consists of two halves.

Ikebana on the table.
 Beautiful red flower.
 Mr. Nakajima wants me to change.
 Basically, I do not mind.
 But my so much on its so small -

Opa opa yes ...
 Green fence hides a secret.
 Girls, what did you do with the priest?
 Without clothes he pale as rice bun ...

On the island of Kyushu, girls, boys and manure.
 Spray in hand fly evening.
 Their love is strong.
 She is a strong health.

On the hill stands the camel.
 His four were caught and raped.
 Cry, camel, not your day today.
 The bottom of the valley Hiroki,
 Raises to you four more.

Do not go, girl, married
 For Ivanaki kudzu.
 Kudzu Ivanaki have what we need,
 Three times more than is possible.

Opa opa yes ...
 Fused Sakura and her sitting on the bird.
 I do not believe my eyes.
 Between them is to be the gap!

I was walking the forest, I saw a devil among palm trees.
 I cooked it in a pot puffer fish.
 Silly devil! Do not you hang out bowler.
 Your soup will smell of burning hair.

Geisha bathed in the lake.
 Geisha pushing parts of the body.
 Their happiness that next to no Ivanaki kudzu.
 That's really who pushes pushes so!

From the sky the little star fell.
 Many just tore it in his trousers.
 And well!
 The question of war over the Kuril Islands
 It is not necessary.

Here's someone coming down from Mount Fuji.
 Perhaps this is the one who is dear to me.
 He wore a green kimono.
 For me white,
 And the sleeves tied back.

Oh, frost, frost ...
 No frosts me, I beg.
 Better Frost horse.
 The road to Tokyo is long and boring,
 Let anything rings while riding ...

Cherry blossom and pear.
 Mist over Mount Fuji.
 Landfall girl without clothes.
 All plant so that it fled in droves.

Gop-stop ... We are the ones who comes out of the corner.
 Gop-stop ... This geisha has taken on too much.
 Sema-san, let your sword try her body.
 Caution! She has an artificial heart made of steel.

Not heard in the garden of stones, even noises.
 Everything here stopped until the morning, except for us.
 What are you, my dear, look askance?
 Are you afraid to be on the back of dents from the rocks?

Hid daisies, buttercups slumped.
 From bitter words froze the water in the river.
 Why love only beautiful geisha?
 Why else should pay and pay?

Little Spruce was born in the forest.
 In the forest and grew, wrapped up with snow.
 Came a samurai sword, it cuts
 Two of them in the forest stupid - he and the sword.

Shaggy bumblebee on the fragrant Sakura.
 Grey Heron on the roof of a house in Kyoto.
 Samurai daughter - on the ballot.
 You should not be near,
 When the father is training with a bamboo stick.

I asked Sakura,
 Where is the geisha, which broke my heart.
 Sakura did not answer.
 And that's good.
 In our family, and so full of crazies,
 Who speaks with trees and grass.

The smile will lighten everything.
 The smile will wake up in the sky rainbow.
 Whoever cheerful, smiling at us with his lips.
 Who made seppuku - smiling stomach.

Warm felt footwear, warm felt boots ...
 Unfiled old ...
 Decent Japanese girl will not go to such a date.
 It's great that I obscene!
 And how cool that is not a girl!

I blame? I blame that I like sake?
 I blame that my voice was shaking,
 When I'm in the phone muzzle him,
 Inspector Traffic Police?
 Awkward pedestrians run through puddles.
 River water flowing on the pavement. Prefecture Isemidzu rain and silence.
 It is not allowed to sing in the streets of the crocodiles.

© eu-shestakov


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