Wind turbines Denmark has provided 32% of electricity in 2014

Last year Denmark got 39% of the required energy through wind generators.
Climate Minister Rasmus helvig Petersen (Rasmus Helveg Petersen) believe that by 2020 the country will receive 50% of electricity using wind turbines. He also believes that within 10 years, Denmark will no longer use coal.

According to the wind was blowing as usual. Perhaps it's in the hundreds of new wind turbines, which in 2014 established near the Danish coast. In January, the wind did 62% of electricity in the country, and in March he was tired, and cheated only 23%.

It seems that everything is fine. But not quite. The fact that the power provides a quarter of all the country's needs. The remaining three quarters have natural gas, coal and oil. They are used for heating and power plants. To heating system less impact on the environment and are not dependent on fossil resources it will have to be redone. Steps in this direction are: the government has allocated 9½ million dollars to develop a new heating system.



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