Seasonal plant care: fertilizing spring garden

Seasonal plant care: fertilizing spring gardens. Photo:


Spring dressing is one of the most important elements of care in the garden. Despite the fact that the soil in your yard sufficiently fertile, additional fertilization will never be superfluous.

In order for trees and shrubs in your garden happy with a good harvest, you need good nutrition and sufficient moisture level. Furthermore, normal development is impossible without phosphorus and magnesium as well as calcium, potassium and nitrogen, but to a lesser amount.

For spring fertilizing fit easily soluble fertilizers, they must be a large content of nitrogen (ammonium nitrate). If you decide to use comprehensive options, pay attention to the marking "Spring" and the percentage of nitrogen relative to other components. If it is considerable higher than other supplements, such blend will suit you. Fertilizing the garden-priority nitrogen is carried out up to the flowering trees in may and then we move on to the summer where the major components will have potassium and phosphorus.

Fertilizer scattered evenly, it is important to cover the entire row area under the trees and shrubs. Experts advise to make notes of all works to know when and how much fertilizer was made – this will allow you to monitor feeding, because excess may lead to accumulation of nitrates in the future harvest.

Nitrogen fertilizers are great for stimulating the growth of green mass, phosphorus in the fertilizer is responsible for a fortress and full development of the root system while potassium ensures the timely formation of ovaries, flowers and fruits.

Natural organic fertilizer consists of mulch, peat humus, manure, leaves and straw. This is a great way to improve the soil under the plant. The thickness of the mulch layer should be approximately 10 cm Greater effect can be achieved if its structure to combine with mineral fertilizers. Mulching will help the soil to retain needed moisture, deter weed growth and to maintain optimum temperature row of the circle.

Before working with fertilizers, the soil should be well moistened, because the root system can absorb only what is dissolved in water. Fertilizer, diluted with water is best applied in a specially dug a circle of the crown grooves. The perfect time for fertilizing is rainy or cloudy weather, preferably in the evening when the sun is less active.published


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