10 Cuban habits that surprise foreigners

Casual cube is very different from the familiar tourist brochures of the country's endless beaches, vintage cars and carnivals. Some habits of the inhabitants of the island cause the tourists a smile, some misunderstanding, however, almost all the quirks of Cubans have a rational explanation

  • El palestino — the Russian analogue of the word "limit". So the people of Havana for the eyes ironically called provincials — visitors "from distant Palestine".

  • Familiar to us glazed Windows — a rarity in Cuba, especially on the coast. Instead of plastic, wooden or aluminum blinds. It is practical — during the winter hurricane glass will immediately break.
  • Cubans are turning to each other not on "you" and "you" — regardless of age and situation. Respect for the other person to Express by adding the words "Senor" or "Senora."
  • Preparing black soup. Specific color correct becomes a thick soup with black beans.
  • Think bananas not so much a dessert as side dish to meat dishes.
  • Escape from the heat crushed ice drenched in syrup. Street vendors sell it in paper bag — like seeds.
  • Do not wear in offices and state institutions in a suit and tie. Such clothing — a form of waiters and porters in hotels. Officials have a different dress-code: lightweight pants and a plain guayabera shirt short sleeve, worn untucked. The officially recommended form of a shirt made by Raul Castro in 2010.
  • Stand in line, keeping a distance of a meter and a half. To approach the stranger is rude.
  • Opening a bottle of rum, as if by chance spill a little drink on the ground. I think that a drop of rum appease the spirits (deliberately not to spill alcohol — free perfume will suspect cheating).
  • To lure the money, Stokes tree trunks. Some palms and cotton trees in Havana called happy.

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