Ya krivedko! And you?

If your friend on ICQ, email or even live suddenly says "Ya shrimps" - do not be surprised or twist a finger at his temple. It's just a new meme, like the phrase "username, bears." However, this phenomenon (as a consequence of its popularity) deserves a little research.

If your friend on ICQ, email or even live suddenly says "Ya shrimps" - do not be surprised or twist a finger at his temple. It's just a new meme, like the phrase "username, bears." However, this phenomenon (as a consequence of its popularity) deserves a little research.

Evolution krivetki began with a quotation number 104726 online bash.org.ru:
DreamMaker: Yes ... of course lectures on physics teach our rather exciting and significant event ...... But when in front of you on the desk emblazoned inscription: "Ya krivetki!» ......

This quote was published February 9, 2007, the year in 1:10:53. Within 17 minutes (according to the "Yandex") quotation was first cited in the "Live Journal", and then began to spread with unprecedented speed by the blogosphere (as well as unreported "by Yandex" a mail and ICQ).

Even after 11 hours and 14 minutes there LJ community ya_krivetko. After a considerable amount of time (27 March) appears to rehash "krivetochny" Kipelova tune of "I am free»:

Ya krivetki like Poultry in nibisah.
Krivetki Ya, ya forgot INTO znached fear.
Ya shrimps with dikem winds par.
Ya shrimps !!! Naive and nivasne!

After an indefinite period of time appears a page dedicated to the most striking manifestations of the phenomenon krivetki. By the way, it depicts one of the inscriptions on the party, has drawn "based on" a week after the quote on bash.orge (cm. Comment author photo).

It is also an opportunity to buy a T-shirt with krivetochnoy symbols.

In general, judging by the "Pulse" Yandex, the popularity of "shrimps" survived two waves, and the third (probably the biggest) is happening now:

Of particular note is the psychological background of this phenomenon, which has provided him popularity. If you go back to the phrase "username, the Bear" (and the accompanying picture), it was the verbal expression "surprise effect" and observation of someone for indecent occupation.

"Shrimps" it became verbalization low self-esteem (and the irony of it) most visitors of the Russian Internet. Please note that the word 'shrimps' neuter. It is a measure of maximum insignificance. Uttering this phrase does not even have sex. He is not a man and not a woman. He is not even human. He - shrimps.

Krevedko stsuko, eat my head. (steshog)
He appeared to me in a dream at night Kreved.
We have long discussed the meaning of life.
He handed over the earthlings hello
I Said, "I'll be there, just whistle»
He said he was - a messenger of Cthulhu, shouted: "Ftagn!»
And blue lips smiled.
He climbed into my ear, all zohaval there
He explained that he eats brains.
The next morning the whole world as something simpler,
"Ha-ha" and "lol" is now favorite words
My hair color suddenly brighten

[Arata] shrimps - it's funny? We have a department head at mechmath Ulitko

Tell me four-thread ...
ya krivetki
not ...
you clever four-thread tell
hmm ...
I suborder animal invertebrate decapods squad. Target species and breeding

Pocc: Look, I understand how went shrimps etc
EepsS: where?
Pocc: It's insurance !!!
Pocc: They have insurance - Casco

Text antispambota:
"Hi, this is an anti-spam control. Please Imagine. (Enter the authorization for the phrase "Ya shrimps" without the quotation marks) »
4 ****** 13: Message: Ale
4 ****** 13: Message: This is Che?
4 ****** 13: Message: Where are you?
4 ****** 13: Message: Ya krivetki unquoted
4 ****** 13: Message: Ya krivetki

People with red from lack of sleep glazame, going to bed in the morning, posvyaschaetstso.
Sleeps tired shrimps, Cthulhu sleeps.
Emo sobbing quietly in a corner of sniffs.
During the day we are very tired, say:
ROB! Good night!
The browser closes, bye-bye.

Here, the patch can be bzdyu KDE,
And with a blonde on poobschatstsa CBSA,
Here lives a hellish Soton
He is friends with horsemeat whorish.
You wish them bye-bye.

There are Cisco and kuischsche,
And crap switches,
Eyes closed, bye-bye ...

Ptyuch: there are still people - new Internet users who do not understand the language !!!
bashorgovskogo Ptyuch: they pishish - ya shrimps or LOL, and they do not understand, ask - and what LOL? )))))
Alexsmf: YYYYYYYYYYY, you tell them more about Cthulhu write)))
Ptyuch: and what is Cthulhu?

there LOL, there Cthulhu haunting,
krevedko hanging on the branches,
there on invisible tracks
traces hentaynyh anime,
blondiko there on chicken legs
by Frey patches the KDE

time later, 11 hours, I sit in the ace apschayus, drink cola, and then from the street heard the dialogue:
- (man beneath the windows, shouting) Kisa Kuku VYHADI, krevedko CAME
- (someone out of the house, too, shouting) fuck went boyanschik cocks, right now, go out ebalo break, people sleep
- (from another window, bass) plus Adina
/ me choked Cola

*** I cant fucking ...
***: Comes to the Internet class deffki to schedule suited to the engineer.
***: Surname calls: "I - Ovsyanko»
***: This bruised drive engineer's eyes bulged and issued: "Ya - krevedko!»
*** He pinned a girl ... And now someone is pumped?

wingless_god: here without krevedko, snails and other Oh, would never have dared to laugh because the teacher whose last name Tymoshonko ...

Y.S. (18:23:30 21/05/2007)
ponavydumayvali fucking word - filthy language. "Krevedko" - Pushkin turned over in his grave
AKOS ™ (18:24:18 21/05/2007)
drink nanny where's krushko? :)

She: What to do when you see the little green men? :)
He said: Say "Preveeed! Ya !!!
krevedko She: You idiot !!! way to go
She did not write me more !!!

& gt; & gt; We've got people Credit card itself ordered. I posted in the application form to the card code word "KRIVEDKO." Our one kid without thinking twice before you give him the card, inscribed in pencil on the envelope "Ya credit card!" XD

Goblin: Shit, stsuki ...
777Katёnochka777: Che happened?
Goblin: Kick, go to work that morning, sits a large flock of pigeons, blah, guzzle rump ipat their leg, ahead of 10 meters 2 guy go, bypassed the pack, and I have, blah, good mood (tyapnitsa still) well and stamped ... doves seen glut oneself and pulled over a man ... and relish their crap.
Guys, they are not caught up, and I'm here to escape stormozil (((
Instead of working for went bolnyakom in injury, broken nose, he slid to one side, the good doctor back to the right)
777Katёnochka777:)))))))) should not have the right, would you KRIVEDKO true !!! o_0 :-)

via habrahabr.ru, ya_krivetko


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