Pawnshop - quick cash funds on favorable terms under the pledge of the car


In the period of crisis, financial distress may relate to any inhabitant of the capital in spite of the occupation. A way out of this complicated financial condition can be the receipt of cash in Deposit machine.

The pawnshop in Kiev will help you to solve virtually any client financial questions. Years of experience have shown that this kind of loan proceeds secured by machine — beneficial, and economically safe option of crediting in comparison with other species.

Advantages of services of pawnshop over other types of lending

Receipt of cash bail of the machine has a number of advantages in comparison with other options:

  1. Low interest rates for the Deposit — only 0.2% in the month. It is not necessary to worry about additional fees, commissions, deductions or unjustified payments. The system operates openly and has no pitfalls. This is proven every client who used this type of lending in the pawnshop.
  2. Funds can be issued in the amount of 90% of the value of the car.
  3. The client has the right to choose the currency in which he wants to receive cash from the pawnshop.

Particulars of transactions of the cash assets, secured transportation

The average transaction last about an hour. During this time, specialists will prepare all the necessary documentation, assess the vehicle. For a successful transaction, the client must provide documentation for the use of the machine, as well as a passport. For processing the transaction in the pawnshop does not need to prove their solvency. The same does not matter and the customer's credit history.

Clients do not have to worry about the fate of his car. It will be round the clock to stay under the watchful guard in the Parking lot. Finding transport under control is not reimbursed by the owner. If the user of the loan has decided not to pick up your car is not in any way affect his credit history. If the client wishes to sell the vehicle, the company provides a service — avtovykup.


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