How to let go (get rid of the bindings).

All anchor pull and do not give us freedom. And so life is always separates us from what we are attached.
Many noticed when something like, think about it constantly, as if the whole world opposes it and nothing happens. When simply wished, especially without worrying about the result - everything goes "like clockwork." Or in a relationship: as soon become attached to someone, he becomes indifferent.
For example, a problem in the relationship with the child. Perhaps the most frightening and difficult it seems to let go of their child. After all, as a rule, parents are so szhivaetsya with the child, that they consider it a part of yourself. And by projecting it their own fears and insecurities, trying to protect him from all adversity. Think they know what and how to do better and, in fact, live for it. Thus not fulfilling its mission, living someone else's life. And hinder the implementation of a completely new person. But children are a gift and they are always wiser than their parents because they have a greater margin of wisdom. Each succeeding generation has always wiser previous.

If problems at work, so caught in the job. If you can not achieve something, then caught in the result.

You made all efforts to tie and keep a man - let him go, and he starts to pull. Well, or if this is not your man, it is your will.

Need to let go of, if not all, very much. Starting with loved ones and ending with the goals, desires and other things. The most surprising, releasing each time discover that nothing is lost. But you find yourself!


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