10 sculptures, hung in the air in defiance of gravity

Today's art is striking in its originality and ingenuity! Modern sculptors in his work using all available technologies, with which they create stunning masterpieces. < Website publishes a review of a dozen sculptures, unnatural position that defies logic simple layman.

1. Parking upside down (UK)

Photo source: Kulturologia.ru2. Circus performance between palm trees (UAE) 28,559,650

3. Steel Ball (Australia)

4. Flying bathroom (France)

5. Flying Stone (Egypt) 72,657,564

6. Puppeteer (USA)

7. Balancing stones (US) 51,995,038

8. Falling Statue (USA)

9. Natural Balance (US) 26,308,198

10. Flying House (UK)

via www.kulturologia.ru/blogs/100516/29467/


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