The word "fanerizm" I was born spontaneously. Someone asked: "What do you call all this framed?" I replied, "Fanerizm." When interested, as I rolled up to this plywood, it is necessary to start from afar. So I'll start from afar.
In the distant childhood in every self-respecting summer camp was a house of creativity "Skillful hands". A self-respecting "Skillful hands" had a circle cutting out and burning. In the pauses between the pioneering works and football and I used to go there. But seriously this is not carried away, and then completely forgotten. And even earlier apartment walls painted, applied with a roller pattern instead of wallpaper. Vinetochki, rozetochki, flowers, specks - all it was interesting to look at standing in the corner or lying in bed, for example, with a sore throat. Intricately interwoven pattern details combined into new forms - figures of animals, birds, people's faces, which is fantastic shapes. And it was so interesting that still curious gaze at patterned wallpaper. Do not be lazy, look. At the same time, as a puppy come up with a buddy game "Kal-Malle": one draws some incredible figure, and the other by considering these scribbles are trying to create something digestible ...


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