Russian Best Packaging 2012

25 best examples of actual packaging and ingenious concepts invented by Russian dizaynerami.Nikto in 2012, was unable to repeat last year's achievement Depot WPF, and no Russian packaging is not taken at the Cannes Lion. What really does not work worse, better, or less than a genius.

The site continues to sum up the year, chosen in the top of the steep and interesting package of twenty-five examples ranging from cookies to vodka, from light bulbs to the pans.

Rampant hegemony of one design over the other studios in the ranking does not happen. Last year's absolute leader Depot WPF slow down a bit, dropping to the list and others. Conditional leader of the year can be called unless the Novosibirsk KIAN - in 2012 they gave two excellent concept, and one package, which can be found in any store of the country.

Mashed potatoes and desserts Kiss, Alexander Istratov


Individual packaging for eggs "eggnog», KIAN branding agency

Concept. Packing she cooks boiled egg when removing the protective tape

Wine «Carre rouge & Carre blanc», Design Depot

Cognac La Coupe De Cognac, Studio ONY

Pots Best cook, Design Depot

Beer "Zhiguli Bar" Valery Barykin (all series)

Flour "great benefit», Fresh Chicken

Tea Queensley, Depot WPF

«The bread which speaks for itself», Plenum Brand Consultancy

Honey Bzzz, Backbone Creative Studio

Wine Tulkara Shiraz, ICON BC

Linens De Nastia, Punk You

Knives Expedition, Cyril Ermoshin


Light Bulb "New World», Mildberry Brand Building Solutions

Herbal Tea "Fairy Crimea», Brandiziac

Cookies The Marc, Alex Seoev


Napkins Magic Wipes, KIAN Branding Agency


Fresh vegetables "Vegetoria», Just be nice

Vodka "Bittern», Runway Branding

Ice Cream "Eat me," Air

Cookies "recommend", Illan

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