Idiotic textbooks

Very soon will begin the school year, and students will have to sit down again for textbooks that will help them develop a set of skills - the ability to think outside the box to the levitation and telekinesis.

Website gathered for you the job of children's books, from which the hair stand on end on the head and the children and parents. Get ready, my friends.

What's this cute squirrel gnaws?

A little decay of the drafters of the workbook in biology.

Well, what do you think, looking babokach ?

The psyche is not every child a stand.

We, humanists do not understand.

Well, let them, with flashlights. Where is Sergei?

Merry Adventures of the brave officer DPS and "Oka" with failed brakes.

The guys are preparing for the arrival on the "Oka┬╗.

From the author of the words "Call" and "Treaty┬╗.

It's kind of hidden advertising Tajik labor?

Lesson despair for studying German.

And in our time did not trust brainless people write books.

Interestingly, the list to which belonged to the author of a textbook?

Find problems where there are none.

I also can not read Korean.

Satanism for aspiring bartenders.

And you - are adequate?

Just at Petya stopped working before other paint.

Location on the dusty floor of the shed came from the latest rocket fuel?

And the boys have left?

Are you serious?

... And the crackle of exploding brain.

Exam is the exam.

These are the sad tale.

All powders good!

Even more fun tasks can be solved in extension of the review

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