The biggest dam in the world

The biggest dam in the world Three Gorges Dam in China. The height of 185 meters and a length of 2 309 thousand. Meters. "Three Gorges" the most expensive and the biggest dam in the history of the world's hydropower. It rises 300 meters above the water level in the Yangtze River. Construction will last until the end of 2010. For several years, formed an artificial sea stretching for 600 kilometers.

The project cost is $ 25 billion. During the construction of the world's largest dam, killing more than 100 people, 1, 3 million. People have been evacuated from flooded areas in the future. For the construction of the dam took 27 million. Cubic meters of concrete.

Environmentalists at the beginning of construction stated that the consequences for the nature of the region would be catastrophic due to changes in the ecosystem.


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