Suyfenhe or as it is called Russian, Sunka - a small border town, which began to develop in the 90s of the last century thanks to the never-ending flow of Russian shuttles. Today it is a modern city with a developed infrastructure, plenty of comfortable hotels, restaurants and of course shopping.

Most Chinese people here speak Russian, and passing on the street, everywhere you hear something like "korefan, pakupay tilifona!". A Chinese man, posing as Andrew, had come with us and accompanied all day. He took us to the r / w station, helped to buy tickets, showed where all Russian yuan change at a favorable rate and where to dine, accompanied in an internet cafe, we recorded some words and phrases in Chinese. At first it was suspicious so much attention, but he said that he did not have money, but if we do want to give him a "tip", the restaurant refused, so we treated him in an Internet cafe to pay for itself alone. Tip from us, he received a well-deserved.

The main attraction Suyfenhe - it signs on shops and cafes.

All set for the target audience.

The Chinese call their fashionable shops Russian names.


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