LightSail again made contact

21:14 Moscow were taken 9 satellite beacon.

LightSail is online! 9 beacon packets received during 2:14 pm EDT overflight. Team rapidly analyzing data to plan final two passes of day.- Jason Davis (jasonrdavis) June 6, 2015 blockquote> This time, after the team joined the satellite from the Earth to restart. The management team decides what the next round will be opened a solar sail. The condition for the successful expansion of the sails are serviceable, charged batteries. According to the latest telemetry systems LightSail normal, the batteries are charged. The group is waiting for tomorrow and telemetry on the status of the battery before the command will be sent to the disclosure of the sail.

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P.S. forward to the opening of the sail at 21 am Moscow time on June 7.

Correct. If good battery data comes in, sails will be deployed 2:02 PM EDT. More info here: https : // - Planetary Society (exploreplanets) June 7, 2015 blockquote>



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