Sports babes in tight leggings with a perfect figure. Part 3.

Another piece of cute and "natural" girls who win the hearts of men their natural beauty.
Triangle, rectangle, oval - we do not have not a lesson in geometry - the ideal female figure, what is it?
So much for today's standards, the theory of the Leonardo da Vinci of ideal proportions, volumes individually do not play any role, the most important thing - it is their right balance. Every woman (and man, and even the dog) are known cherished numbers "90-60-90", which is considered to be a single unified standard of female beauty. Most of the ladies tend to "adjust" its centimeters under this framework.

Indeed, according to da Vinci's drawing - "vitruvimen" (people in a circle), ideal proportions of the body are considered, the distance from the ground to the upper edge of the symphysis pubis - half of the figure, to the nipples - 3/4. Ie it turns out that the male resembles a triangle, and the female - hourglass. In the standard "90-60-90" bust and hips - are equal, and the ratio of waist-to-hip does not exceed 0, 85 - the coefficient of the endocrine equilibrium.

However, it should be understood that the figures are not perfect standard female proportions, this is just one of the most favorable and advantageous relations, emphasizing your femininity. In other words "90-60-90" is not a "golden symmetry" and a panacea for everyone, it does not take into account the different types of women's constitution (not a set of laws :)), genetic data.


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