Video of the robot, was taken to the Fukushima reactor

Died heroically in the bowels of power Fukushima-1 robot, which day before yesterday I wrote , still managed to shoot a video. For some reason the Japanese are not installed in the robot's camera good quality, but look at what's going on, you can.

Inside the reactor are like some debris and constantly goes pairs. Built dosimeter shows radiation levels, and at some point he reaches 24 Sv / h (зиверт per hour). At the same time a year people from natural sources (cosmic rays, soil, water) is not more than 10 mSv. A dose of 3 - 5 Gy causes radiation sickness and bone marrow damage.

While the total elimination of consequences of the accident is assessed at 40 years. In this case, there is still no reliable and proven technology quality cleaning contaminated areas. Perhaps the recent discovery binding radionuclides graphene oxide help in this difficult case.



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