Drone of organics (turns into sweet water)

drones, which are collected at the research center NASA Ames Research Center, - almost alive. At least, he consists partly of organic materials , which occur in nature. Early last month, the device has successfully conducted the first test flight.

This uniquely drone like the defenders of the environment and the military. Indeed, in the case of the collapse of the UAV is almost completely decomposed, dissolved in the environment. "No one understands, or someone poured some water puddle sweet, or there was an aircraft», - говорит Lynn Rothschild (Lynn Rothschild), head of the development team of "biological UAV».

The main part of the body and other parts manufactured company Ecovative Design . She specializes in the production / cultivation of different things from the mycelium - the mycelium, the vegetative body of the fungus.

On degradable packaging there is a demand from customers in specific niches.

The body of the mycelium i>

Body of the mycelium covered with a protective layer of cellulose sheets resembling leather material. The sheets are made of cells cloned from a wasp saliva. This waterproof sticky material which themselves use in the construction of a wasp nest waterproof.

The casing of cellulose i>

Electronics printed with silver nanoparticles, the substrate is made on the basis of cellulose.

Electronics i>

"Certainly, there are parts that can not be replaced biological components" - recognizes one of the developers Nelakanti Raman (Raman Nelakanti) from Stanford. So, for the first test flight using standard propellers and controls with serial quadrocopter. He also has a standard battery.

But researchers do not give up. The next component that want to transfer into the organic form - sensors. They can be made using the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. Coli).

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