"Fila" can come to life in March 2015

Work is possible as early as next summer

According to Michael Maybauma engineer systems "Fila", an attempt to awaken the unit can be made in March next year. Seasonal changes in illumination "hemispheres" of the comet and its approach to the Sun can provide enough light for the probe. If "Fila" wakes up, the scientists will have time to complete the program of studies. Now, even though not entirely successful landing, holds 80-90% of the target.

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We expect to have enough energy for download in March next year. Then the "Fila" will need to warm up, as long as we can not consider starting battery charging. Therefore, enough energy to run the system, heating and charge or other operations can be expected in early summer. Once charging is started, it may take several days for its cometary complete. [Mm] blockquote>
Under cometary days mean turnover comet 67P / Churyumov - Gerasimenko on its axis every 12, 4:00, meaning "day" of the comet is about half the length of the earth.

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Well, this is not the problem of batteries! It was assumed that the batteries are recharged by solar panels, but as "Fila" bounced several times after the first touch, the device is in the shade most of the time (about an hour of sunlight every 12-hour "day" of the comet). It's like trying to power the home solar panels in the winter in Alaska at the Arctic Circle. We are not sure where the "Fila", but if it is the place that some considered the most likely, seasonal changes hemisphere "Filov" closer to spring will give the unit a few months more volume sunlight. This coupled with the fact closer to the Sun, the comet should warm up the battery enough to take and hold a charge. That is not to blame need batteries, and "Fila", which went into hibernation for the winter half. ma [On the question ответил Michael Ahern. ] blockquote> Now" Fila "is in hibernation, because he is not getting enough solar energy to function, and the charge of chemical batteries exhausted. The exact location of the probe is not known - due to a malfunction of harpoons he bounced a few kilometers away from the intended point prikomechivaniya.

Ahern also said that the camera "Rosetta" is now looking for "Fila". High resolution images have been taken and are queued for transmission to earth. The complexity of communication can be estimated from the delay of the signal from the unit - 28 minutes .

On the question of which of the discoveries was the most important, Ahern said that the team is no consensus. These "Rosetta" showed that at such a distance evaporation takes place not as previously thought. Ahern to the fact of a soft solid surface structure, seen according to the probe "Fila", was the most important. For Martin Knapmeyera is also a surprise, he also noted that the mission was "lucky" to select the object with the most bizarre in the Solar System.

Scientists have enough computing power devices, running more than 10 years ago. Modern smartphones have much more performance metrics, but they will not survive in space.

20-year-old technology worked almost perfectly. The most negative for "Fila" were limited processing power and memory. Today seems to be something from another world that stands there (processor at 800 MHz and a few megabytes of memory). (Ek) [On the question ответил Kurt Ekkehard] blockquote> Podreddit / r / IAmA appears frequently in the news all news agencies due to the possibility to ask the question people which in ordinary life talk could have hardly - президентами, астронавтами, популяризаторами Science . Format of communication involves the creation of a separate post with proof of identity, in comments that users ask questions. We have podreddita schedule emergence question and answer sessions with celebrities.

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