Suite hen house with automation system

Inside the sliding door and the space to perch at the top.

Most of the construction done and ready for painting. Note the roof prepared for planting.

All it painted and moved into their first new location. With the help of a lever, we can transport the coop on wheels to move it around the yard.

Motor for automatic doors. The old wiper motor to open and close the door using a limit switch and a programmable timer.

Automatic sliding doors. At the moment they open at 7:30 and close at 10:30 pm. There's also a vent window left.

Veranda with a bathtub. Birds use the bath for feed.

Battery and timer switches for automatic doors and light, everything is interconnected with solar panel.

Reservoir. It has an internal valve that allows us to connect a hose for automatic replenishment. Birds get water by pressing the dropper beaks.

To replenish the calcium in the diet of the hens when they lay their eggs.

Nesting. All of this is inclined to, as soon as the chicken gets up after laying an egg is gently rotate to the back wall, so we can pick it up. Nesting painted in dark colors, chickens prefer dark places in the nest.

Inside the henhouse. 2 removable perch, ventilation and light to create a long day in the winter. The light sensor is switched on only when it's dark during our pre-programmed hours. The light is powered by solar panels.

Coop mobile.

This window on the hinge, the grille will open when it is hot and closes when it is cold.

Green roof .. solar panels and photo sensor at the top. Green roof drainage even includes a drain pipe on both sides.

Coop in place ...



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