Garage flood

This summer in Moscow on the street Verbnaya certain company was building work
laying heating mains, then had disappeared two wells for water drainage.
As a result, this week flooded about 150 garages, and the water level reached five feet ...

1. The worst had this line of 45 garages.

2. My friend garage just at the end of the line, and he told me how to save the flood.

3. The water started to come in the evening, when he came to the place - the water was knee-deep. Loading all the value that was in the garage at his Niva, he could safely swim. The automobile was immersed up to the hood.

4. On the left you can see the door of his garage, the water level was higher by 30 centimeters - already pumped. Water rose from the ground all the dirt and oil.


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