Creative mom creates magic dreams for your baby

Olga Vyhodcheknko

Nezo Art - so called in Japan a new hobby parents to photograph their sleeping children in costumes of different interesting and funny poses.

Photos put in a social network, share them, comment and choose the most creative. Parents compete and even arrange ratings. Someone disapprove such enthusiasm, believing in signs that photographing a sleeping baby is not to good.

However, less superstitious mom and dad kids who are fast asleep in the afternoon, do it in a heartbeat.

"Imagine a kid grow up and see what he was cute and handsome in his childhood. Is not that better than the photograph of the child, smeared porridge or just in the crib? "- Says one of the mothers.

We offer you a gallery of photos, which show the daughter Eriko Ohga, and other photos in the same style.

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