Some of the most beautiful covers heavy metal!

I decided to post what I consider one of the most beautiful artwork with vinyl albums.

Unfortunately, with the advent of CD cover culture disappeared, which is a pity. Beautiful and memorable cover was (for me at least) an important part of the music album. Although often so it happened that a group with a bloody monster on the cover of the music performed mediocre ...

Will be 25 photos.

First Accept - Russian Roulette - one of the most beautiful for my taste.

This is when it was my first album - so its thrall, I devoted a lot of time.


Cinderella - it is a pity that no longer play (((

Doro - it certainly has a remake, but also a good picture.

And this was all obloga somewhere prohibited.

Funny guy - just in the spirit of music Hellovin those times.

It seemed to me as something very terrible.

And this absolute champion Vreni and scrutiny of written search details on it ...

The strongest album - and one of the best obloga they succeed.

This simply beautiful - Muzychko so-so ...

This picture is also full of details ...

This simply beautiful. And the game is not bad ...

This guy I drew on the desks (tried, but I could not get)

Well, it's a legend - my all this vinyl collectors visited hands.

And here I oblozhalsya cool when it - it seemed to me that this album oblogoy I must slay on the spot - but in actual fact the music was very, very far from the metal ...

Ozzie - the picture painted by famous artists.

This can also be seen for a long time.

Here is an example of when the wrapper corresponds to the content - and obloga and the album for five-plus!

Able to do the same before ...

Pretty ...

Here is a picture of my too where it was banned ...

Beer lovers dedicated.

Honored Russian singer - Udo D.


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