The thief and the Darwin Award

I will write a lot, attach pictures, I'll write when I finish.

At the local forum appeared the message about the theft of gasoline:

Further discussion was conducted thieves action TC, etc .. but then suddenly novozareganny user:

Next to a lot of pages the user is trying to defend himself, but his "ship»:

Lies from thieves:

Next, upload photos of "self" and the car !!!

And of course on the background of the machine:

Suddenly appears another new user:

The people on the forum are not stupid:

Do not give up, we go to the bottom !:

And suddenly nothing really hold up ?:

Tightens the heavy artillery:

Come the first bomb:

Here and ads pops up:

You have not forgotten the second zaregennogo user ?:

Add more lies, no truth!

Well, "we" all funny:



More information:

And more:
Vereina - Phone: +79518804960

The main thing is that they have a full tank:

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For myself, I draw conclusions from all this done. You decide the rest themselves.

That's all I wanted to say. For more information you can read the complete subject of which I have made this summary:;-Сливальщики!



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