Five exploits of the Great Patriotic War

Author: Alex Tarazevich.

August 7, 1941 carried out a pilot Victor Talalikhin air ram, shot down a German bomber - and survived. We are reminded of the 5 other heroes of the Great War whose exploits are often in the shadow of heroics, "hyped" Soviet propaganda.

5) Catherine Zelenko. If the feat Talalikhina everyone knows the name of the first woman to air ram, little is known. September 12, 1941 on its Zelenko light bomber Su-2 entered into battle with the German "Messers" and when her car ended ammunition, it destroyed an enemy fighter is in the air ram.

In that battle the heroine could not survive. Spouse Zelenko, military pilot Pavel Ignatenko, was also killed in the battles of the Great Patriotic War in 1943.

4) Dmitry Komarov. Selfless tactics ram is unique in modern warfare - the more surprising when one relatively small size tank is to ram the whole armored train! The only documented case of such a feat is the story of the Guard lieutenant Dmitry Komarov, which is June 25, 1944 at full speed on the burning "Thirty" rammed the German part of a Black Brody in western Ukraine.

Miraculously, the hero in the battle alive, although almost all were killed members of his crew. However, Dmitry Evlampievich, as they say, "in a hurry for God": he died heroically in battles for Poland in the autumn of the same in 1944.

3) Ivan Fedorov. This hero of the Soviet Union has one of the most mysterious biographies. No doubt having a remarkable skill to conduct air combat and shot down more than a dozen German aircraft, Ivan Evgrafovich, however, earned him not too appropriate to his title of Hero of the reputation of "Baron Munchausen" Russian Air Force.

As commander of one of the aircraft penal battalions, he often boasted then exaggerated or simply false "feat". The most absurd was the case when he began to tell cadets Kaczynski school that allegedly participated in the operation to rescue the crew of the steamer "Chelyuskin". When the misdemeanor Fedorov learned he only narrowly escaped the Tribunal and for a long time, then went under suspicion, so the Gold Star of Hero was relatively late.

2) Nikolay Sirotinin. His biography is little known and unremarkable: simple guy from the Eagles, was taken to the army in 1940. But it is Nikolai Sirotin his incredible feat confirms the statement "And one soldier in the field, if tailored in RussianĀ».

July 17, 1941 Sirotinin together with his battalion commander, shielding our exhaust parts, took an unequal battle with the Germans near the bridge over the river Dobrost in Belarus. The battalion commander was wounded, retreated, and Nicholas Sirotinin stayed at the firing position where a stepped straight into history. In battle, he single-handedly destroyed 11 tanks, armored personnel carriers 6 and 57 soldiers of the enemy army, and when it ran out of ammunition and the Germans offered to surrender, but they responded with fire from his carbine. When it was over, the Nazis buried twenty years of the Red Army - with military honors, paying tribute to his heroism.

Nevertheless, Rodina feat noted Sirotinina only Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree, and then only in 1960.

1) Epistiniya Stepanova. How to measure the heroism? How to determine who can be considered a hero and who is not? Perhaps the most worthy of all who would wear this proud title, whether it is a simple Russian woman who gave birth to 15 children - Epistiniya Stepanova. She gave the most precious homeland - nine sons, seven of whom never returned home from World War II, and two others were killed in the Civil and Khalkhin-. Power has awarded her the title "Heroine Mother", and after the death in 1974 buried with full military honors.

But how many thousands of other mothers in our country spends on the front of their sons, husbands and brothers and received funerals or leaflets that native people "disappeared", found in the surrounding states and only indifference? ..

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