Domestic Batmobile (26 photos)

Was taken crown 93 onwards 3 liter, automatic. At first it was planned to do the project Muscovite 401 casts were made from the native body, expanded, extended in the same proportions. The result is like a Muscovite, but only high resolution. After estimations body measurements proportions and thinking - how it will look like ?! - Concluded that the body at the base of the Muscovite Crown is not the channel must be strongly shifted back engine shield, and it pulls a lot of things - which are not scheduled to lose time.
... In the end the body was removed and began to think what was needed to stir up ... some sedan, with a stylish design ... remember that a few years ago came across an interesting machine, ... began to search the Internet, find, they turned Holden efidzhi and similar plans Lincoln Zephyr - but he did not like the performance of the front of the ... started doing body shape to the concept of ... Holden began the painstaking work of creating the layout of the body ... in the course went foam, polyurethane foam, plastic pieces, cut off the roof Crown, gypsum ... veins, cartilage, horn hooves ... etc ... do form, evaluated from different perspectives - a proportion that is not enough, you can add that ... something was removed, something added again ...
... The result of three months of work, under the rough plastered with fiberglass and from shpaklёvano under rough ...

Here's what came of it.


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