Euro 2012: Only good (45 photos)

Two host countries, four cities host 8 football arenas, 16 countries

member, 3 weeks of struggle for one trophy champion of Europe. Finals. Tears of joy,

tears of frustration. Curtain. Euro 2012 is completed.

It remains to issue exit album and summarize the main football events

the old continent.

Who was there? Which countries are taking part in the Euro, you can easily determine, having passed through the main streets of cities hosting the tournament. Painted faces, flags and other standard attributes is not limited. National color shone in full!

Competed not only in football, but also the beauty of cheerleaders :)

National beauty of Europe, too, was represented adequately. Well, the same girl whose


Storm events - a storm of emotions

Than pleased with the organizers?]

Carlsberg has for many years supported football competitions at various levels and is a regular sponsor of their last seven European Football Championship. In the cities of the Championship, as well as in major cities in other countries, Carlsberg has supported the creation of fan zones for the fans who could not get to the stadium. In the fan zones on the big screens broadcast the matches of the tournament, organized a special place to relax with a beer and entertainment for guests. In Russia, were organized two huge fan zone Carlsberg in Moscow - Gorky Park and VVC.

Here are some interesting (and rather spectacular) The results of the fans were

published after the end of Euro 2012:

6,688,676 people visited the fan zone in the cities of the championship

200,000 spectators has contained Kiev fan zone on the final championship mast

The fan zones were established branded bins. Only in Poland was

assembled and started up the processing of more than 20 tons of plastic cups

distributed 300,000 fans wigs for branding Carlsberg

The fan zones held a special event in which the promotional staff told guests about the responsible approach to the consumption of beer and gave special bracelets Drink Responsible. 375,000 people took this obligation

3 million users use the mobile application Carlsberg EURO 2012, by which it was possible to vote for the best player of each match

31 reward Carlsberg Man of the Match was awarded to the best players on the results of all matches of the tournament, awards were presented by the winners of national promotions, held on the eve of the championship in various countries around the world.

In Poland organized special fan for fans towns where they could find affordable housing. In addition, the fan-towns was established excellent infrastructure with playgrounds, recreation areas and bars. Fans can relax and enjoy a beer in a comfortable environment.

For the fans here were organized various forms of entertainment: concerts,

DJs, sports fields for football, volleyball and aerobics, table football, sand, palm trees and sun loungers, shops and restaurants. On giant screens broadcast all the matches of Euro.

What they ate?

In most schools the price of food and drinks for the guests were not too high. Football tourists with hospitality offered Ukrainian borsch with pancakes in Ukraine and "perogi" and sausages in Poland. In Warsaw for Euro 2012 learned to cook a two-tone red and white (as the Polish flag) pizza.

However, the beer in the football world is not deposited their positions :))

They saw?

Soccer players running ...

... Jumping

prayed ...

speculated ...

hugging the ball ...

hypnotized him ...

... Catch it!

Time flashed rapidly ...

Three best

Over the last tournament of the best player of the match according to Carlsberg has been recognized three times

Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta. One of these awards he received for the game with Croatia and two - for the game with Italy.


After winning the final, the Spanish established a historic achievement: yet no one

the national team failed to win three major tournaments in a row. The Spaniards also won the European Championship in 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup and won Euro 2012. In the final match of the distinguished David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata.


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