25 failed methods of drug smuggling (25 photos)

Over the past year the border guards and police in England and Wales 241 090 arrests, including arrests of category A declined from a peak of 6% and 5% have 47630 offenders were seized 2, 9 tons of cocaine.

However, no one would argue that the delay is not all of those who are trying to transport drugs. Control tightened, guards get adopted more advanced technology, and the smugglers have to constantly invent new tricks ...

1.Pischevaritelnaya system the man was jammed to capacity - he was trying to smuggle in his body 150 tablets.

2. «Nyuhni my shorts!" This applied a German tailor your skills to equip your shorts set of pockets to transport cocaine. Once in the airport, El Prat de Llobregat near Barcelona with 6, 6 kg of cocaine.

3. A few photos of the category "Cargo pants." (REUTERS)

4. 66-year-old Chilean was caught in Barcelona with "plastered" leg. He found that the smell of unwashed body can kill the smell of coca "plaster". (AP)

5. The carriage that carried pensioners on holiday in Calais, as it turned out, was carrying a cargo of amphetamines is also worth a few million. (ENTERPRISE NEWS)

6. Colombian traffickers have exhausted stocks of mules and couriers and surgically introduced this sweet puppy liquid heroin. (SPLASH)

7. Labrador Rex was also "mule" - his stomach was filled with cocaine in the amount of 126 thousand. Pounds. (RA)

8. X-ray Labrador, cocaine stuffed and ready for the trip to Europe. (RA)

9. The stacks of canned tuna in the truck at the docks in Portsmouth customs officers found 33 kilograms of cocaine at a street price that draws 3 million. Pounds. (RA)

10. Mexican sailors discovered in a shipment of frozen sharks more than a ton of cocaine. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

11. The most sophisticated way: fill a condom drugs, condoms to feed your pet-snake ... and then smuggle the snake to carry.

12. Treat yourself to something with one of these plates, and you are guaranteed the tower will carry ... because a set of cookware is made of 20 kilograms of cocaine. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

13. This asparagus contains a lot of vitamin K, and crack cocaine.

14. African Harvard graduate landed in jail, trying to smuggle through Heathrow Airport in hollow bulbs of cocaine in the amount of 163 thousand. Pounds.

15. Cocaine cotton threads in coils from South Africa. (RUSSELL CLISBY)

16. Two passengers and two employees of airlines Air France American customs presented a Christmas gift - in suitcases was a cargo of cocaine packed in wrapping paper. (AP)

17. On the ferry to Poole in two under the spare wheel truck with food for animals found cocaine on 5 million. Pounds.

18. The customs officer unloads drugs from the yacht Sunset Touch in Newlyn, Cornwall. (PHIL MONCKTON)

19. Colombian marines examine captured submarine that could carry up to 12 tons of cocaine to Central America across the Pacific Ocean. (EYEVINE)

20. Former cricketer Chris Lewis landed in jail for six years for possession of cocaine (in cans of fruit).

21. Cocaine in a box from under the mineral.

22. 5, 6 tons of cannabis resin worth 12 million. Pounds were imported to the UK, together with furniture and antiques. (NICK RAZZELL)

23. These guys are detained by police in Cali, Colombia, will now be a long time to contemplate "the sky in the box." (AFP / GETTY)

24. US customs officials in Miami found more than two tons of marijuana in a container of sweet potatoes on board from Kingston, Jamaica. (GETTY)

25. Peruvian police officers from the department to combat drug inspect buckets 4384 kg of liquid cocaine found in cans of artichokes. (AFP / GETTY)


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