Superluminal neutrinos are officially recognized by mistake

Research director Sergio Bertolucci CERN during his report to the Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics officially denied superluminal neutrino data, which were obtained during the experiment OPERA.

According to him, the findings were the result of an error that was found due to other competing projects with OPERA - LVD, Borexino and ICARUS.

Sergio Bertolucci said that researchers were able to demonstrate the power of the scientific method, when such an unexpected result was presented to the public and then refuted. This is the way science is moving forward, says Bertolucci.

Recall that the first information about the registration of muon neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light appeared at the end of September last year. In particular, when it was reported that neutrinos coming from CERN to Gran Sasso an average of 60 nanoseconds earlier than the estimated time, and their speed is 1, 0,000,248 light.


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