Russian cartoon character.

Russian cartoon character.
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Everyone knows everyone was watching everyone remembers. It seems nothing special. Wolf and Hare, running away, catching up. Just like everyone else. But do not you think that it is in this confrontation is encrypted notorious pursuit of blue birds, ghostly fortune which is so close to the heart of our rights? Think about it ...

The series about Leopold. Here a clear PR Orthodox canons. "Farewell enemies" - the leitmotif of the series. No normal person will not tolerate multiple insults and harassment by another. But Leopold suffers! Only tvedit his "Guys, let's live together ..." I remember as a child more enraged! But the theme of good and national forgiveness traced clearly absurd.

Winnie the Pooh and all of a stray. Bear - a symbol of our unshakable. A clever, cunning, arrogant, not afraid of difficulties, Fibber! Remember his magical flight in a balloon? It is thought of! And he deftly prodinamila donkey on his birthday? What a pig loves it? Beauty definitely! The undisputed leader! The difficulties only harden it. He has a purpose - honey, and as they say - "We f *** d bees!»

Little Raccoon. Kind. I went in the evening, almost at night to pick mom sweet sedges. I do not fear. If not monkey with it a horror story about someone who lives in a pond ... Anyone would be scared. But the love to the mother outweigh the fear! As it is in Russian! Wept ...

The Bremen Town Musicians. Then I watch our feature such as self-sacrifice in the name of a loved one. I could not forget the princess troubadour, so what he drew her there? Of course, with the sweet paradise in a tent! And poboku Palace, prosperity, well-fed vegetation ... "We palaces enticing vaults had not replace freedom!" Nothing to add!

Thumbelina. Here complicated. A small, beautiful but poor. Without family and tribe. Practically homeless! And it does not get lost in this difficult life? How, I ask you? Naturally, her beauty has not gone unnoticed. The old procuress mouse lured her to a brothel, confiscated their passports and forced to serve the moles! Well one of them turned out to be decent! And like life was adjusted, everything seems fine ... But no, she could not live with hateful. Comes to mind lines from the undoubted hit group «Factory» - & quot; ... but I can not without love, love the rich & quot ;. In Russian? In Russian.

Kid and Carlson. The strange, dark story. Who is Carlson? Where is he from? It seems that Carlson just hiding from debt, or the police. The Kid, he found support. He fed his jam. He romped with him. He considered him a friend, and for the sake of friendship was ready for everything! Ugly monster with a propeller family devastated stocks jam, smashed the chandelier, bringing Bok almost to madness ... or rather Kid covered Carlson, took the blame ... The plot is worthy of Dostoevsky. Suffering for the sake of friendship. Again crying ...

38 parrots. Bummer. Languishing from inaction majors. Heat, light, hearty ... Bananas at hand. The mirror of our glamor. Idleness slowly going crazy. That measure boa, then transmit greetings. This elephant with nagging sinusitis ... Is not the first wave of immigration? Intelligent young people can not simply indulge in doing nothing stupid. Their work requires a quick mind. For this reason, new and crazy story of the series. "Charging for the tail!" What!

Buttermilk. Conflict of man's inner world with the outer aggressive environment of the metropolis. Truly, our man is able to take such a step - to give up everything and go to the village. Go back, so to speak to the origins, to the cradle. But there is no peace searching soul! Postman Pechkin trying to poison the measured life of our heroes. His bitterness is very revealing. In her view a negative attitude the lumpenproletariat to the alien, in their opinion, the members of the society. A difficult story, very difficult ...

Cheburashka and Gena. The story is simple Russian Cheburashka, who came to the city in search of better lives. How many hardships had to endure this glorious Pokemon on the way to the highest light. Lived in a phone booth, I ate the garbage, was wet and miserable. Patient. I do not complain. But our glorious Gene could not pass. His Russian soul could not come to terms with this situation. Remember the scene of the first meeting? Gene almost walked past the booth, but at the last moment stopped and returned. It was he who gave a start in life, became a kind but strict mentor and brought in people Cheburashka. Even Shapoklyak could not change the situation. So many of our citizens, by Michael Lomonosov and to this day, to repeat the success of the bright path of Cheburashka.


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