Uncle Scrooge - not a cheap pleasure

Heritage Auctions put up for auction 10 paintings authorship Carl Barks, creator of the Disney animated millionaire Scrooge McDuck. These paintings were previously in the collection of radio broadcast top manager of the Baltimore Kerby Confer. The total value of the exhibited works is estimated at $ 700 thousand. "Confer years collected the best pictures Barks, which is why they were not on sale for a long time," - says COO Heritage Barry Sandoval. Confer was literally in love with Uncle Scrooge, the protagonist of the Disney animated series "DuckTales" and bought all the paintings, what he could. Illustrator Barks died in 2000. Auction itself will be held in Dallas on August 6 but reception rates has already begun. At the moment, for the most favorite work Barks' Woe wealth »(« An Embarrassment of Riches ») offer $ 28 000. Experts believe that the final price of the paintings will be much higher.


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