People Maserati

Machines under the brand Maserati - a rarity on the road. Over the past year they were released only 6 159. In fact, people who are able to purchase these cars, not so much. But soon join the cult luxury brands can people with more modest financial means. Group Fiat, which owns the above mentioned brand, today announced that in order to reduce costs, top model Alfa Romeo (another "pet" group) will be assembled at the factory Maserati in Modena. As explained by the management company car, Alfa Romeo have no experience creating exclusive cars. Supercar Concept Alfa Romeo 4C was presented at the last Geneva Salon. Serial car based on it is planned to start next year. Its cost is about 50 000 euros. Thus, the buyer, in fact, get a more modest Maserati brand for quite a reasonable price.


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