The fastest painter from Korea 03.14.2013

Kim Jung draws from childhood.
When he was sixteen years old, during the summer holidays, he attended classes in art school.
However, he says that no one is not specifically taught him to draw.
Since Kim Joong was the eldest son in the family, according to the Korean tradition, on his shoulders he had to go to the duty to support the parents when they retire.
Therefore, the family was against his choice of profession: they believed that the illustration and comics - is not serious.
As a child he even punished for what he always something kalyakal in school notebooks.
However, when the parents finally realized that her son - the talent, and nothing else, he will still be engaged in will not give up and began to support Jung



Kim Jung teaches at the Academy of animation and illustration in Korea. There is also his studio. He begins each day with the viewing and storing photos and other images, and then draws.

Korean said he first tried to paint without sketches when he began to teach drawing: "I had to draw in real time to the students, and I realized that trace the outline - is a long time. So I started to do an impromptu watercolor paintings - and it worked. And then I got used to work without sketches. If you have an image in your head that you want to, you do not need a sketch »

When asked how he manages to create such detailed paintings, he says that every day looks at a large number of photos and images, as well as carefully looks around and trying to remember everything he sees. He collects pictures with unusual perspective and trying to remember the spatial solutions that sees them. He liked to consider the figures and their surroundings since childhood, and gradually it became a habit. Korean said that if one day he saw something, he can reproduce on paper 70% of what he saw.



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