Winter mood

In my town snow. The First. Even with the rain and cold, and wet. Too heavy to walk on the moist leaves, squish puddles, under a gray sky, without light and under the snow. Still, the snow - that's good. Keep warm and cheer yourself up - looking kartinochki with snow and fashion. Snow - it is fashionable :)) Well, something like that.

Street fashion, it seems to me, never changes. Especially winter. Inflated jacket - we wear them for years, buying one by one - all the same nasty black. The only thing that can justify such a jacket - beautiful girl inside.
We have about the same snow, as in the photo. Not so deep, not so black and interspersed with yellow and gray, but ...

Winter always requires jewelry. Bright - because everything gray. And beautiful - because a bad mood and it should somehow improve. By the way, that you bought? Maybe something like this?

Or this: this coat is beautiful. And the horse up to her one hundred percent.

All sorts of costumes - also quite winter theme. Finnish patterns, deer and other sweaters - looks perky and never boring. To me at least.

Scarf - inapplicable attribute winter. This seems to be a photo of the online store. I like it here mated - not too big, and too large does not happen. And color.

Advertising in the snow - a rare thing, unless it is not a very winter clothes. So, if you listen to the fashion industry - the world is always one big hot summer. A couple of exceptions nice feast for the eyes.

And this is just the beach, not the winter mountains. Also has the right to life)))

But as with all of this dress in winter? Fit all. The main rule: things should not be too complicated and should be of excellent quality. This summer you can fasten themselves tee shirt will be fine, in the style of the highway. In winter, this trick does not work. Here are a couple of good options.

This is something the autumn - I immediately liked winter shoes. With coats look great, although it would seem, should not.

Leopard coat, laughter and heels ... not on asphalt - the snow. Probably not knock, but look great.

Snow generally a good background for a pretty girl. I'm talking about myself. No, I'm not in the picture, sorry)))

Ideas for winter can be found in winter collections. They are not as noticeable as summer, but fur and woolen things attract more attention. I always see them happy.

And this picture from somewhere in the 80s. And how did he get here?

But it is already 90 ... warm, though?

And - tadam! - Our time. Glamour, embodied in a luxurious Asian beauty. I wish I could look like that, because it is so fashionable ... But I have a different type of person.

I look like a frozen creek that suddenly filled up with snow in his hometown. I suffer, cry, whine, wrapped in a blanket and hug all the time with a cup of hot tea. This winter breathed on me!


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