Images of Samantha Jones

Last week, the channel The CW announced that he had found a young actress for the role of Samantha Jones in the 2nd season of "The Carrie Diaries" - attracted the favorite series of all time Adolescent version of Kim Cattrall will be actress Lindsay Gort. In the second season we will see history dating young Carrie and Samantha. In the story of Samantha - I have not experienced this, but self-confident, beautiful and dazzling, - works in a nightclub in Manhattan.

The second season of "The Carrie Diaries" will see the light in the past 25 October and until we recall what we love Samantha, 7 and see the best images of the heroine

1. Red Dress with studs - aggressive beauty Miss Jones made her a legend in New York

2. Pink wig - elegant woman after a course of strong chemotherapy

3. Big Hat - characteristics of the stars

4. Vintage turquoise earrings - Samantha loves flashy jewelry

5. pink pantsuit - Samantha just can afford to put on a dress and not look stupid


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