NASA released a photo of the Earth, with a view of Saturn's rings

Now a lot of space satellites, which are engaged in the study of extraterrestrial space. Some of these devices are extremely complex, others - easier. But they both make very large contributions to science. Often Habré published information on the achievements of space research, and some of these achievements can be displayed not in the form of graphs and tables, and just show the picture.

This photo is both beautiful, plus makes it clear that people still got away. After all, to make art (in some sense) the photo of the Earth with a view of Saturn and its rings, is not easy. To all this civilization, direction or not, was a thousand years.

Photo made Cassini spacecraft, which at the time was about photographing in 1440 million kilometers from the planet. Hence it is almost invisible, so the Earth even shown an arrow. And yes, the picture was taken on July 19.



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